McGlone presses for action for farmers

SDLP Mid Ulster Representative, Patsy McGlone MLA spoke today in the Assembly pressing for action and financial clarity for farmers across the North.

The Mid Ulster MLA said, “Direct farm payments make up a significant proportion of the income generated by our farmers. They have been a lifeline through many difficult months. They are worth more than 280 million pounds income.

“It was welcome that the Minister for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development brought forward the Bill this afternoon to the Assembly, which confirms £250 million in support for 2020. This is some much needed clarity for our farmers, many of who have been fraught with anxiety since the referendum result in 2016.

“While this provides some sort term clarity for our farmers, I took the opportunity today to ask the Minister to urgently seek clarity on what support will be available for farmers in 2021, when this statute runs out. I impressed upon the Minister the fact that the people here voted against Brexit and it was still forced upon us, the British Government must commit the necessary resources to continue direct farm payments.

“I look forward to continuing to engage with the Minister and speak up for farmers across the North.”