McGlone: A good deal for the Agri-food sector

SDLP Agricultural Spokesperson Patsy McGlone MLA has said that comments from the Ulster Farmers’ Union that a no-deal Brexit would be a disaster for the Agri-food industry must be given consideration by MPs at Westminster.

Mr McGlone added, “The draft Withdrawal Agreement is far from perfect, but it is a positive arrangement that provides protections for farms across the North.

“The deal will allow farms to have unfettered access to both GB and European markets; anything short of this would be extremely damaging to the sector here.

“Now that the Agri-food and Business sectors have welcomed this deal, the SDLP hope that MPs in Westminster support this deal.

“It is beyond contempt that the DUP, despite all the evidence, continue to underplay the concerns of the sectors for their own endgame. They must consider the irreparable damage they will do to our farming industry here if they continue to reject this deal.”