AQW 5459/17-22 – Site Inspections Food Processing Plants

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): To ask the Minister for the Economy, pursuant to AQW 4123/17-22, how many of the ten unannounced inspections recorded deficiencies in those food processing plants; and what enforcement actions were taken by the Health and Safety Executive.

Minister for the Economy: HSENI did not identify any breaches requiring formal enforcement action (enforcement notices or prosecution) in relation to COVID-19 control measures relating to the ten inspections.

A total of 76 improvements were identified by HSENI Inspectors across the 10 sites. In line with normal procedure, at each site where potential improvements were identified, these were raised by the Inspectors during the inspection and followed up by letter or e-mail to the management of the business detailing any actions to strengthen their COVID-19 (or other health or safety) controls. Timescales were set for action to be taken and followed up by Inspectors. At all sites remedial actions have been taken in line with the direction provided.