Meat processing workers must be protected

SDLP Agriculture Spokesperson Patsy McGlone MLA has said that workers at meat processing plants must be assured that every step is being taken to secure their safety following reports of a small number of Covid-19 cases at Moy Park.  Mr McGlone said that the North must learn from outbreaks at meat processing plants in other parts of the world.

Patsy McGlone MLA said, “I have tabled a number of Assembly questions seeking clarification on plans in place to support workers at meat processing plants who may be at increased risk of contracting Covid-19. There is evidence from other countries that the sector is sensitive to outbreaks and we should learn from that.

“It’s important that everyone at Moy Park feels secure and safe in their work environment. I understand that those workers affected are receiving support from the company. It’s important that the Executive keeps a close track of the situation.

“I have been in touch with senior officials at the HSE to ensure that a robust monitoring programme is in place and that workers are supported throughout the pandemic.”