AQW 2894/22-27 – Childcare Strategy consultation

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): To ask the Minister of Education for an update on the current timeline for publication of the Childcare Strategy consultation. Minister of Education: I made a Ministerial Statement to Assembly members on 7 September 2022 providing an update on the work to develop an Executive Early Learning and Childcare Strategy. … Continue reading AQW 2894/22-27 – Childcare Strategy consultation

AQWs on Childcare Provision

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): (AQW 28471 17-22) To ask the Minister of Education what plans does she have to match the number of hours of free childcare or pre-school education provided in England, Scotland, and Wales; (AQW 28472 17-22) To ask the Minister of Education when was the last independent review of the provision … Continue reading AQWs on Childcare Provision