McGlone: Farms across the North threatened by Brexit

SDLP Spokesperson for Agriculture and Rural Affairs Patsy McGlone MLA has said that farms right across the North are under serious threat as we hurtle towards a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Mr McGlone added, if we fail to get our local devolved institutions up and running, an unmitigated brexit will be felt across farms for generations.

The MLA for Mid Ulster commented, “The agricultural sector faces a period of unprecedented disruption and uncertainty in the mouth of Brexit.”

“No matter how Brexiteers across the water dress it up, all aspects of the farming industry in the North will be affected. No farm, despite DUP promises, will be immune to its out workings.

“Brexit will mean that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will no longer apply in Northern Ireland. Over the last five years CAP support has amounted to 83% of the cumulative total income of our agricultural industry in the North. Its loss will be devastating.

“Without a locally elected Executive to mitigate its affects, Brexit will be thrust upon farms across the North, leaving farmers without a voice at a local level.”

“The DUP and Sinn Féin must wake up and understand that as democratically elected politicians, we need to be in the chamber during this unprecedented period. We have a duty to protect those who put their faith in us at the ballot box to serve their interests, not our own vested ones.

“To follow up on the issue of the threat Brexit poses to the Agricultural sector, I have arranged to meet with the Permanent Secretary of DAERA and Michael Creed TD.”