McGlone Calls for Improved Road Safety Measures on Aughrim Road

SDLP MLA for Mid Ulster, Patsy McGlone, has called for the introduction of road safety measures on the Aughrim Road to deal with increased traffic following the opening of the first phase of the new A6 dual carriageway from Randalstown to Toome. The Mid Ulster MLA has written to the Department for Infrastructure about the issue.

Mr McGlone said, “I welcome the opening of the first phase of new A6 dual carriageway from Randalstown to Toome. It is a great stretch of roadway to drive with some nice landscaping.

“However, with the freer flow of traffic to Toome and the slowness of passage of traffic from Toome to Castledawson, many motorists are now using the Aughrim Road to bypass delays along this section of the road.

“As a result, the traffic can be tailed back along the Aughrim Road from the bypass roundabout as far as the Killynease Road.

“The increased intensification of traffic along the Aughrim Road brings increased hazards, particularly at the Gracefield Road junction.

“As we get nearer autumn and the evenings begin to get darker earlier, the risks to road users will get greater.

“I have written to the Department requesting that measures be introduced on the Aughrim Road and, in particular, the approach to the Gracefield Road junction, to improve road safety given this sudden increased volume of traffic.”