McGlone encourages Gaeilgeoirí to apply for Líofa bursary

SDLP Mid Ulster MLA Patsy McGlone has encouraged Irish Language students, young and old, to apply for the Líofa Gaeltacht Bursary Scheme for assistance with the cost of studying the language.

Speaking after the scheme opened for 2020, Mr McGlone said, “There is a long, rich history of Irish Language students spending time in the Gaeltacht, immersing themselves in communities where the language is a lived and loved experience. The Líofa Gaeltacht Bursary provides an opportunity for students, both young and old, from less well-off backgrounds to attend the Gaeltacht and further their understanding both of the language and those communities where it’s used daily.

“I would encourage anyone who has signed up to the Líofa scheme and who qualifies for the bursary to take full advantage of the opportunity to learn Irish by living the language. 756 bursaries have already been awarded since the scheme’s inception, helping ensure that everyone has this wonderful opportunity.”