SDLP MLA refuses to be intimidated following loyalist threat

SDLP MLA and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Patsy McGlone has said that he refuses to be intimidated after senior PSNI officers informed him of a threat made by loyalist paramilitaries.
Mr McGlone said that neither he, nor journalists who have received threats, will be silenced or censored.
Patsy McGlone MLA said, “Late last night, I received a call from senior PSNI Officers with details about a loyalist threat against me.
“This is not the first time I’ve been threatened by paramilitaries but I can assure those responsible, I will not be silenced, censored or intimidated by faceless thugs. In the week of VE commemorations, it is ironic and deeply sinister that they have chosen to mimic fascist attacks on journalists and elected representatives.
“This threat, and the threats made against journalists in the last week, are an attack on the democratic tradition on this island. It must be resisted and those responsible must understand that they will never win.”
SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP said, “Those responsible for this threat obviously don’t know Patsy McGlone. He will not be broken or silenced by those intent on intimidating him and others.
“These thugs need to understand that every threat against an elected representative or a journalist or anyone else is an attack on our peace and an attack on the democratic will of the people of this island. It is a fight they will never win.
“The threats made against Patsy and a number of journalists in the last week should be lifted immediately. Everyone on this island should be able to live and work free from the threat of violence.”