SDLP seeks recall of Assembly following British Government amnesty proposals

Social Democratic and Labour Party MLAs have tabled a petition to recall the Northern Ireland Assembly from its summer recess to urgently address British Government proposals to create an amnesty for those involved in the most serious troubles related crimes.

Mr McGlone said, “The British Government’s intervention is a brutal assault on victims and survivors and it must be opposed. To shut down justice and close off avenues for truth and reconciliation by providing an amnesty to state agents and paramilitaries involved in the most serious troubles related crimes, including murder, is absolutely abhorrent. These proposals are hostile to the interests of victims and survivors, they are opposed by all Executive parties and the British Government must withdraw them now.

“The SDLP has tabled a motion to recall the Assembly from its summer recess to address this matter and send a clear message to the British Government that we will not consent to this course of action. We are committed to using every means at our disposal to oppose an amnesty for those who have committed horrific crimes and destroyed the lives of thousands of people and families.”