AQO 2132/17-22 – COVID-19 recovery plan

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): To ask the First Minister and deputy First Minister to outline a timetable for the publication and implementation of the Executive’s COVID-19 recovery plan.

First Minister and deputy First Minister: There are three key programmes of work in the Executive’s roadmap to Recovery: lifting restrictions; short to medium term recovery; and renewal and PfG.

Building Forward – Consolidated NI Recovery Plan was agreed by the Executive on 29 July 2021 and published on 2 August 2021. The Plan ensures that strong foundations are laid for the future Programme for Government.

It aims to accelerate economic, health and societal recovery from the impact of the pandemic in the short term and to plan now for longer term ambitions. The Plan will help inform Executive priorities to accelerate recovery over a 24-month period through focused, collaborative working.

Four Recovery Accelerators emerged when developing the Plan: Sustainable Economic Development; Green Growth & Sustainability; Tackling Inequalities; and Health of the Population.

The 83 interventions detailed in the Plan are aimed at improving wellbeing for all. Together these provide an immediate, coordinated response to the pandemic.

There was targeted engagement with stakeholders in relation to the draft Plan and this will continue as we move through implementation.

The Recovery Plan gives us a chance to emerge stronger from the pandemic with a real focus on the things that matter most to citizens and presents an opportunity to transform the economy; create jobs and opportunities; and develop an increasingly attractive place to live, work and visit.