AQW 2371/22-27 – New build social housing in Mid Ulster

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): To ask the Minister for Communities to detail the number of new build social housing (i) under construction; and (ii) completed, in Mid Ulster for each of the last five years, broken down by property type.

Minister for Communities: Within the Mid Ulster parliamentary constituency there are currently 15 social housing units currently under construction. I have provided details of these in table 1 below.

A further 92 social housing units have been completed through 2017/18 – 2021/22. Details of these are provided in table 2 below.

In addition there are 70 social housing units programmed to start as part of the Social Housing Development Programme 2022/23 – 2024/25 in the Mid Ulster parliamentary constituency.

Please note that programmed schemes can be lost or slip to future programme years for a variety of reasons e.g. relating to delays in acquiring sites and/or failure to secure Planning Approval. Additional schemes can also be added to the SHDP ‘in-year’ through Competitive Land, Design & Build procurement route and/or the purchase of Existing Satisfactory / Off-the-Shelf properties.

Table 1: Housing units currently under construction in the Mid Ulster Parliamentary Constituency

Super CouncilHousing AssociationScheme NameLocationUnitsOnsite YearOnsite DateCompletionYear
Mid UlsterClanmilMolesworth Plaza, Molesworth StreetCookstown152020/2129/03/20212022/23

Table 2: Social housing units completed through 2017/18 – 2021/22 in the Mid Ulster Parliamentary Constituency

Super CouncilHousing AssociationScheme NameLocationUnitsOnsite DateCompletionYearCompletion DateHousing Mix
Mid UlsterRural1b Gortgonis RoadCoalisland104/11/20162017/1804/05/20171x 3B House
Mid UlsterRural1a Gortgonis RoadCoalisland104/11/20162017/1804/05/20171 x 3B House
Mid UlsterRural3 Brewery CourtDonaghmore117/02/20172017/1812/06/20171 x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex HousingPinebank Park Phase 2Coalisland930/03/20172017/1815/05/20175 x 2B House and 4 x 3B House
Mid UlsterHabintegPSNI Site, Barrack StreetCoalisland1831/03/20162018/1911/09/20181 x 1B Flat and 17 x 2B Flat
Mid UlsterSouth Ulster8 Ronan CourtMagherafelt131/03/20172018/1929/11/20181x 1B Flat
Mid UlsterRural42 The OrchardDraperstown129/03/20182018/1925/05/20181x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex HousingSite 18 Salters MeadowMagherafelt104/03/20192018/1904/03/20191x 2B House
Mid UlsterRadiusBarrack StreetCoalisland2829/03/20182019/2015/05/201914 x 2B House and 14 x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex Housing7 Coney ParkCoalisland129/03/20192019/2012/02/20201x 3B Bungalow
Mid UlsterApex Housing5 Shanoch CloseCoalisland129/03/20192019/2012/02/20201x 3B House
Mid UlsterNorth Belfast HAMillview MeadowsCoalisland929/03/20192019/2012/09/20194x2B Flat and 4 x 3B House and 1 x 4B House
Mid UlsterRural30 & 32 Moyola AvenueCastledawson231/10/20192019/2003/02/20202 x 2B House
Mid UlsterRadiusBarrack Street, Phase 2Coalisland1211/02/20202020/2122/10/202012 x 2B Flat
Mid UlsterRural33&37 Station RoadCastledawson218/03/20202020/2120/08/20202x 2B House
Mid UlsterApex Housing4 Shanoch CloseCoalisland103/11/20202020/2115/03/20211 x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex Housing11 Shanoch CloseCoalisland103/11/20202020/2115/03/20211 x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex Housing20 Chestnut HillCoalisland103/11/20202020/2115/03/20211 x 3B House
Mid UlsterApex Housing8 Canal QuayCoalisland103/11/20202020/2115/03/20211 x 4B House


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