AQW 2705/22-27 – Social housing waiting lists

Mr Patsy McGlone (Mid Ulster): To ask the Minister for Communities to detail the number of people on social housing waiting lists in (i) Cookstown; (ii) Magherafelt; (iii) Maghera; (iv) Stewartstown; and (v) Coalisland, broken down by (a) type of home required; and (b) number of bedrooms required.

Minister for Communities: The Housing Executive has advised the Department that it is not possible to break this request down by the type of home required. Applicants are assessed in line with the rules of the Housing Selection Scheme in relation to the number of bedrooms required. This means that an applicant may be reasonably offered any type of home with that number of bedrooms (e.g. a house, bungalow or flat) depending on their individual circumstances/need.

The Housing Executive has provided the following table which offers a breakdown, by calculated bedroom need, of all Applicants on the Waiting List as of the 31st June 2022 who have a 1st preference area of choice (Common Landlord Area/CLA) for each respective area requested in the question.

Waiting List Applicants by Calculated Bedroom Entitlement (at 31st June 2022)

Common Landlord AreaCalculated Bedroom Entitlement
Coalisland1037014< 10< 100192
Cookstown North1011614< 1000134
Cookstown South (inc. Burrenvale Cres)152732312< 10< 10263
Maghera672210< 1000103
Magherafelt158614414< 10< 10282
Stewartstown17< 100< 100025
Total59824710539< 10< 10999

Please note that where there are less than 10 applicants, they have been listed as <10 in compliance with Data Protection requirements.