McGlone: All-Island Agri-Food sector has huge potential

SDLP Rural Communities Spokesperson Patsy McGlone has said that an All-Island Agri-Food sector has huge potential.

He was speaking at the SDLP Conference in Derry.

Mid Ulster MLA Mr McGlone said, “The North’s agri-food sector makes a huge contribution to this place and has gained a reputation around the world for our first-class produce. This industry contributes billions to the North’s economy every year, it’s our largest manufacturer and employs a huge number of people in a variety of roles from farmers to scientists.

“The continued success of this sector depends on our access to the EU single market and we welcome the guarantee of dual market access in the Windsor Framework which brings unbridled opportunities for our economy, including the agri-food sector and all who work within it. The best way to make the most of this situation is with a restored Assembly and Executive that listens to the needs of the sector and works with them to realise the potential we now have.

“Given the success of the agri-food sector on both sides of the border I believe that we could achieve so much more by pooling our resources and working together to get the best results of businesses and consumers. As we move towards a New Ireland we need to realise the capability of this island to become an agri-food powerhouse distributing products all over the world and attracting new investment and opportunities for people here.”